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Default Discovery Series I Tech Section

Land Rover Maintenance Schedule

Rave Manual
Link to RAVE ISO Images

Engine Oil and Filter
End All answer to stupid oil questions.

VSS Rebfurb
Repairing the VSS

Disco Mike's List
Major Service for High Miler

Locked out? Read this first
Disco II immobilized....Read this it works!

How to rekey your ignition tumbler
ignition lock fix

Alarm By Pass
Immobilization Bypass
AMR4956 In Detail
Intermittent No Crank Fix 96 Disco Tip
Alarm bypass for Lucas FI (RRC and 1994 and 1995 Disco)

How to install the RAVE manual to your iPhone
How to Get the Rave on Your iPhone

How To Use The Transfer Case Shifter
How to use the shifter on your transfer case

How a Differential Works
How a differential works

What to look for when considering a Discovery
What to look for when buying a Land Rover Discovery

Series I and II side by side comparison

New to You Recommended Parts and Service
Major service 60K/ New owners

Loose Steering
Do you have death wobble? Please read!

Death Wobble Check List
So you have Loose Steering, Death Wobble?

Oil Drain Plug Size
1 1/8" -A combination wrench works best.

Oil Change Tip
If using automotive ramps run both passenger (right side) wheels up onto the ramps, this will place the oil drain plug down and make it easier to grease both prop shafts.

Fan clutch replacement
Fan clutch replacement

Correct belt routing

Transfer Case

Transmission Filter Replacement
Trans Filter

Thermostat Gasket Part Number per AntiChrist
Fel-Pro 12994

Fuel Pump

ABS Trouble shooting
Abs light

Aux cooling fan aftermarket part number
DI Aux Fan Part Number

Condenser Fans Cheap Fix
Condenser fan.

Throttle Body Cleaning

Flushing Brake Fluid

Stainless Steel Brake Lines Install
AB Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines installed!

Pollen air filter replacement
Cabin air filter replacement

How to make your own "Saudi Grill"
mesh grill write-up

Chevy power steering pump modification
Chevy Power Steering Pump Works Great

Discovery Series I headliner replacement.
Headliner Replacement step-by-step

Dizzy vacuum advance replacement
DI Dist. vacuum advance replacement

Subwoofer repair
Subwoofers - Fixed On The Cheap (See how)

Propshaft rebuild

Starter Replacment
Starter Replacement

Ignition Lock Repair
ignition lock fix

Heavy Duty Spring Install
Short HD OME install and review..

Swivel Ball Preload
How To Adjust Your Swivel Pin Preload

Land Rover Discovery Series I wheel bearing part numbers per AntiChrist
Timken SET37, SKF BR37, *** KIT3 or National A-37
Hub seal part number- RTC3511 (double lip seal)

Light Bulb Part Numbers and Location Guide

Windscreen wiper issues w/wiper motor replacement
Wiper problem...

jump seat instal
How to install rear jump seats. Disco I

Engine Information
A "MUST" Read For Anyone Doing Either a Head Gasket or Valve Train Repair

Seat Repair
Do It Yourself D1 Seat Repair

Speaker Options
Good stereo component replacements (if you're interested)

Window Roller Repair
How to: Window Regulator Bushing repair

Window Roller Repair part "B"
Window Regulator Bushing Repair(alternative method)

Steering Box Rebuild
Insider tips: Rebuild Stearing Gear Box.

Fuel Tank Filler/Vent Hose Replacement
How To Change the Fuel Tank Breather/Vent Hose

Radiator Plug
Radiator Plug

Rotor Replacement
How to Change Your Front Rotors w/ Wheel Bearings

Lug Nut Stainless Cover Removal
Quick and Easy Lug Nut Cap Removal

Wiper Switch Repair
Wiper Switch Fix

Correct JATE Ring Installation

Electric Oil Gauge Sandwich Adapter Thread Size
Oil filter adapter for temp and psi

Main Rod Bearing Replacement
Main/Crank Bearing replacement write up

A/C Delete-Serpentine Belt
Non-AC Serpentine Belt

Parking Brake Gaiter Replacement
Want to replace that ugle brake boot?

7 Pin Travel Trailer Wiring
Wiring Land Rover for trailer towing

Back Windows Not Working?

Helpful web sites

Please do not reply to this thread, if you have a question please start a new one, any reply will be deleted.

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adding mp3 to factory radio
iPod / MP3 player integration in a D1

sea foam cleaning
Seafoam induction on Discovery series 1

Crankshaft Pulley oil leak

Volvo injectors upgrade 1275194

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Default Easy RAVE downloads....

wmlj970e.pdf = workshop manual....aka: RAVE. The bible for these trucks

etlj970x.pdf - electrical troubleshooting manual.

hl01561n.pdf - owner's manual... highly optional

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Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) rebuild....
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Old 04-07-2016, 02:22 PM
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This is an awesome thread Spike!

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Old 05-19-2016, 10:18 AM
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Default Pre-AEL canister vs. AEL canister

Non-AEL canister....

AEL (late 1997) canister...

AEL square canister<br/>late 1997 and beyond
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Default tres amis plus

Finally got to a scanner that reads it all and puts results in words nearly Californio. AFR/M 02177 AFR/M 02188 pcm may be suspect or clean MAF. Ok, that can't hurt. Nailed it down to (mech and self amazed it runs) max fuel pressure at rail 20psi when running smooth, 10 when running ragged. There is too much gas going back to tank (check valve?) and/or all caused by not enough 'oomph' from pump or plugged filter. Buddy has pristine pumped (didn't know you could) 69 Shelby GT500, mmmm bebe. He also has made superb birch steering wheel for it and could be coerced into more.

Have read posts by Mike, SavannahBuzz and couple others but can't quite decipher any common point. Did have outside air showing at -21F when +/- 80F. Plan from this point is clean MAF, new filter and test. If NO then get decent pump for assy and dive into tank. Any thoughts or missed stuff greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peace and happy Independence w/e.
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Default Disco 1 or 2?

1998 4.0 (says so on top) with V8i emblem/decal in back. When searching with V8i as word results point to 3.9 engine. Some days it is better to stay in bed, some it is not. Jest a thought.
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sounds like a roll in the park ) or at my ranch.
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