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LanderD 12-03-2018 02:49 AM

High pitch whining noise

We have a 110 TD4 from 2011, it has about 215k km on it.
Since a couple of months we have an issue where at about 40km/h till about 70km/h there is a high pitch whining noise.
It first happened and lasted just 10 seconds a couple of month ago, and then weeks we had no issues, now it started doing it every now and then and mostly just for a little time.

We expect it to be comming from the front axle, its a realy high pitch whining noise, we allready replaced the wheel bearings, but the symptoms are still the same.
Our bet would be the CV joint, because as far as we know, it stops when turning the wheels (like not a little, but actualy making a turn), after which is might be gone.
If I'm not mistaken this could indicate that the CV joint is the issue.

What do you guys think, and how could we further test what the issue might be?


WaltNYC 12-04-2018 10:26 AM

Is the swivel ball filled with grease?

LanderD 12-05-2018 10:37 AM

Its my fathers car, and he tops it up with grease once a year. Its not impossible that its dry, but its unlikely. A mechanic we have in the family, is driving the car this week to see if the noise comes up and to have his opinion. He's work on a couple of land rovers before.
To me it sounds like if it would be directly related to the drivetrain it would always be making the noise just louder as speed increases. But the sound just seems to come out of nothing, has no run up from silent to loud, its just nothing and all of sudden its there.
It might be the swivel ball, might be something rubbing against something, will check out the swivel ball and top it up just to be sure. Cheers for the reply.

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