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Fmb Choppers Fmb Choppers 05-26-2015 12:31 AM

Pressure washing LR3 engine not a good idea
So after spending last weekend replacing brake pads, brake rotor, lower control arm bushings, sway arm bushings and Tie rods, on my 2006 lr3 with over a 136K of miles on it, I thought I would wrap up the remaining items this memorial weekend and replaced the front main bearings, half shafts, water pump and replace all the fluids. So I get done and the car is running smooth I have a huge smile on my face and I think lets wash the engine bay and when I get done cleaning everything and start the car up, my dash lights up like a Christmas tree with the Low range light-flashing green, DSC- solid amber, BRAKE- solid amber, With the messages: SYSTEM FAULT SPECIAL PROGRAMS NOT AVAILABLE, HDC FAULT SYSTEM NOT AVAILABLE, SPECIAL PROGRAMS OFF and the range selector in the center is flashing, and when I put the car in drive or reverse it will not engage basically the transfer case is stuck in neutral. I about lost my S_i_!
I take the battery out, take a look at the transfer case transmission module. And the multi pin terminal blocks have a ¼ inch of standing water. I removed the module and cleaned it with contact cleaner and opened it up and cleaned it with contract cleaner put everything back together started the car up and all lights were still there, and the Drive and reverse still would not engage, I pushed the range change selection switch forward to see if I could get the module to put in high and on the 3rd try it went into gear and most of the lights went off, I drove the car a few miles turned it off and when I started it again all error and light were gone. I don’t think I will be pressure washing my engine bay again. She is one sensitive Bitch

Savannah Buzz 05-26-2015 03:45 AM

These would be areas to prep for expedition for some owners. Connectors filled with non conductive grease, silicone seal around modules, tape, etc. Thanks for pointing this out.

jafir 05-26-2015 03:19 PM

Was the battery cover in place?

unseenone 05-26-2015 03:23 PM

Cleaning is fine, hand cleaning in such sensitive areas is best. Pressure washing is far too destructive for all the sensitive electronics and sensors. I use simple green spray, and a very light rinse, and a rag for any tough spots. There should be no need to pressure wash your engine compartment.

Leave your battery covers, fuse covers and so on in place, and obviously do not spray into areas you know are particularly sensitive.

I think some research needs to be done for ways to seal that stuff up better, but I have never had a problem with it thus far.

houm_wa 05-26-2015 03:36 PM

I use baby wipes......not joking.

Piercy 05-28-2015 09:08 AM

I had a detailer do the same exact thing:mad:. Unfortunately, it cost him about 15 details to break even. Needless to say I don't go there anymore.

Mike Sirek 10-08-2018 03:21 PM

I had a bunch of problems as well with my 2009 Range Rover Sport... check out what I did just last week:

My next step, I will film of of the TCM replacement in case this didn't fix your problem.

m_lars 10-10-2018 08:43 PM

The first LR3 I ever test drove had “just been detailed” and they really sprayed down the engine compartment. He told me minutes before I got there “all the lights on the dash were on”. When I drove it the trans went into limp mode. Nope! On to the next one...

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