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Today 02:13 AM

Welcome Brooks.
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Today 12:49 AM

Actually, I'm reading this laughing at you. It's just a forum dude, Alex like all of us are just trying to help you diagnose an issue. You sound really young tbh, or maybe just a keyboard warrior? ...
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By: abran
Today 12:01 AM

My best guess is a leak that is allowing air in/increasing volume.
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By: abran
Yesterday 11:58 PM

I think you missed a bad fuse. ill try to remember to post a diagram tomorrow. but, Iím pretty sure itís a fuse.
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By: abran
Yesterday 11:53 PM

Sounds like a starter. the first fault of reduced performace is a misfire. the other faults might be from the battery dying from all the trying to start sessions.
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Yesterday 10:15 PM

Thanks for the quick reply GST_ Greg! I used to work on the 68-82 corvettes, they were really a PITA too. I'll be sure to let you know the outcome. Many Thanks again!
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Yesterday 09:57 PM

Ok, thanks guys for the replies. I'm going to order the speed sensor, go through all of the vacuum lines and check for leaks. Has anyone had to change their speed sensor in this transmission? If...
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Yesterday 09:56 PM

Get on top of engine and check the wiring very carefully. Specially the wires that go into the plug.
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Yesterday 09:48 PM

Have a 2003 discovery with 136K miles. 2 weeks ago would crank over, sometimes would start other time would not. Totally hit and miss. Finally would crank but would not start. Had it towed home....
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Yesterday 09:48 PM

Thought about cutting up my rear hatch to relocate the handle to allow me to mount a spare jerry can there (then I would have moved the license plate to the fuel can base)...
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Yesterday 08:37 PM

Probably rubbing on the radius arms
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Yesterday 08:20 PM

Thanks! Good to know where to get stuff across the pond too. Regularly have friends & family come from Ireland
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By: GLB123
Yesterday 08:10 PM

The ďNo StartĒ riddle solved. After spending countless hours googling and pulling fuses and swapping relays I finally found the problem and it had nothing to do with a reversed polarity jumpstart. ...
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Yesterday 08:09 PM

Never use park when winching always have someone in the vehicle with a foot on the brakes.
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Yesterday 07:47 PM

I was going to say, when it comes to uppers the genuine are very affordable. Moog even cost more than genuine! The took advantage of you, clearly. :/
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Yesterday 07:36 PM

$50 shipped in the USA. Bolts and washers included
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By: Jsivey
Yesterday 07:01 PM

I was consistently getting the p0130 code as well as the occasional misfire code for the past two months. I'd been getting the p0130 occasionally for the last year so I'm assuming that the O2 sensors...
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Yesterday 06:46 PM

Search is your best friend here engine light flashing equals misfires you need a good maintenance like plugs 8 mm wires plugs and coils. Coils are found pretty cheap at rock auto same with o2...
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Yesterday 06:43 PM

Thought about it. I at least did a few google searches on the topic. However, i figured that this would not accomplish anything. We fundamentally love the car and want to own it (or another one...
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Yesterday 06:37 PM

Modes the tune give you the option to delete start stop? Thatís a horrible feature for a diesel. Any idea what your HP and TQ numbers are now?
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