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Floc 12-05-2018 02:35 AM

Another Newbie
Morning all.......another newbie here....not new to Disco ownership though...bought a new 3.5 V8 when they first came out in 1989...worst car I ever had...had 2 200 diesels since that were TOTAL rustbuckets, just bought a TD5 from Aberdeen, got it home and found that too was a total rust bucket, looked like it had been parked in the sea for a impulsive ebay purchase I'm afraid........

But last night I collected a pristine TD5 which I am very pleased lets hope the next chapter of Discovery will be less fraught. Just got to flog the Aberdeen shed now......

Couple of things the new one needs....central locking on driver and offside passenger doors locks but wont unlock....any ideas anyone ? A decent radio/cd needs to go in too, but should sort that one today........might put the black leather/alcantara interior in from the Aberdeen shed....but on the whole it seems a very decent car with lots of history.......

robert.juric 12-12-2018 11:59 AM

I'm not sure about the locking, you may get better inputs if you ask directly in the D2 subforum.

Glad to hear you enjoy being back in a D2, Welcome!

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