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Old 05-31-2018, 09:23 AM
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Thank you Bill.
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Old 06-08-2018, 03:39 AM
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"it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole barrel full"

It sounds though you've been 'had' or attempted fraud Paul. Every country has it's con artists and crooks unfortunately, now take FB and Cambridge Analytica for instance. Companies like FB, eblag, etc, etc are shysters and only want your cash! I find most big companies , mealy mouthed, sickening and creepy when selling their wares and services until they hit an issue then many get really nasty, it seems the way of the world these days.
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Old 06-08-2018, 08:28 AM
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Offroad, I haven't been "had" nor do I think either of these transactions do any more than illustrate a failure on the part of the buyer to do anything to help themselves.

In fact, I started this thread, more or less, in response to your diatribe about eBay and sellers who, as you put it, "charge their fees into the final cost." You do realize that you are complaining about a fundamental anyone selling anything has to know. How about the next step, get angry at sellers who are actually turning a profit on their eBay transactions? How about we rage against anyone earning anything at all off their efforts? Come on, man, you're smarter than that.

You should also be smart enough to know that very often places like eBay or Amazon offer prices better than those by the manufacturer. There may be trade offs to get that lower price but many people are willing to take the risk. By that I mean, there are times when an item purchased through a seller on eBay or Amazon may not get the same warranty coverage as an item purchased at a greater expense through an authorized reseller. But, clearly, there are many willing to take that risk. And there are sellers on sites like eBay and Amazon that are more than willing to step up when something goes wrong.

For example, last year I bought a pair of Chippewa boots on eBay. They were a model finished in a leather that was a couple of years old but I happened to like that leather so I bought them. They were brand new, the seller was an authorized Chippewa dealer in FL and the price, while good, was not so ridiculously cheap as to raise suspicion.

The boots arrived and I immediately noticed the embossing of the Chippewa brand on the ankle of the boot had actually burned through the leather. The seller sent a return shipping label and replaced the boots, no questions asked. I was feeling pretty good. The second pair were perfect. However, about 2 months into wearing them (normal wear and tear) I discovered a rip in the leather just about a seam.

Being that they were now out of the 30 day window for complaints on eBay I contacted Chippewa directly. The person I spoke with there informed me that even though I had purchased the boots from an authorized Chippewa dealer, because I had done so on eBay, they refused to help me. It was company policy. I was stuck with a pair of $200 boots that were falling apart.

I contacted the eBay seller, not expecting anything from him, more to warn him about what had happened. He asked me to send him photos of the damage. I did so. Without even asking, he refunded all of my money and told me to keep the boots.

The bottomline with that eBay transaction told me the seller, an authorized Chippewa dealer, cared a hell of a lot more for me than the manufacturer. Will I ever buy from that seller again, perhaps. Will I ever spend a penny on a Chippewa product again, not bloody likely.

Are there problems with eBay, PayPal, Amazon and other online retailers, of course. To think otherwise is naive. But, to tar all of these sites and their sellers, for the reasons you've offered in your thread, is foolish as well. Whether you're an online seller, a brick and mortar business or some hybrid, there will always be dissatisfied customers for a variety of reasons. I guess I just never understood what you were trying to say about sellers in your thread.

I'll restate my point. This thread was to show how a buyer can have a negative feeling about a transaction without ever really looking at how he may have actually been the root of the problem. I also think I said, in this thread, that the vast majority of buyers are great. They go out of their way to find your item, they buy it, pay for it, receive it and go on with their lives. Thankfully, I've had more than 20,000 transactions like that on eBay.
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Old 08-04-2018, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Paul Grant View Post
Take a look at my eBay store. I have plenty of parts listed. I also have plenty that aren't. Keep in mind, if you buy from me directly, instead of through eBay, I can usually save you a few more bucks since you'll be saving me the eBay fees.
I should have read closer, just bought A pillars from your ebay store.
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